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Get the Attention, Show your message, Digital Signage is that
Fanless Computer are computer without fan noise
Computer with a Small form factor and Low Air flow
Black Box Computer that do not look like a normal computer or specific shape
Panel-PC also call All-In-One, made to be Embedded, Suspended or on foot. Some with TouchScreen.
Network Box, Network Appliance are mainly server's with dedicated function custom made.
Industrial Computer Motherboard are unique, offert longtime life and stable platform.

All-in-One Embedded Computer Solutions and Digital Signage

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What is Embedded Computer

If you are searching for Embedded computers, you may allready known it's a device that does something into something! Like to monitor babysitters? Control your production chain! Make and print the invoice! Play the latest cinema hits! Embedded computers are the “brains” behind many everyday mechanisms, such as wireless devices, cars, climate control systems, traffic signals, and washing machines, as well as complex systems, including space mission controls, avionics, and weapons systems. We are everyday searching new idea and continue current research focuses on the development of embedded solution our customers. Everyday programmer creating new software code for space and aviation mission applications. We help you creating the next solution to help increase productivity and safety self running instrumentation.

We can tailor-make industrial panel PCs or Embedded computer to the performance requirements and budget considerations of buyers through the use of different processors and OS. Most entry-level models are designed with VIA processors and Linux platforms. Midrange industrial panel PCs are mostly based on AMD processors. Models incorporating Intel processors and Microsoft Windows OS are typically positioned as the high end. We supplies Windows 2000 or Windows XP and are the easiest to work with in terms of installing and developing applications. Meanwhile, our solutions support Linux, but you need more work to get-it stable, but has better in environmental adaptability. Windows XP Embedded and Windows Standard are also supported with the newest Windows 7.

1U Server Box
Industrial Box
CSB100 Box System
Fanless Computer
IBT368 Fanless Computer
IPP1900 Panel Mount
IPP4200 Wallmount
Digital Signage
IPP4200 Kioks type
Signage Player
SI28 Digital Signage with 6 video output
Industrial Main Board
IB891 Disk Size 3.5 inch computer board


FANLESS Computer ALL-IN-ONE Panel PC Computer with or whitout TouchScreen
WaterProof Computer Bookshelf Small Computer
Industrial Computer Embedded Motherboard


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