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Fanless Computer are computer without fan noise
Computer with a Small form factor and Low Air flow
Black Box Computer that do not look like a normal computer or specific shape
Panel-PC also call All-In-One, made to be Embedded, Suspended or on foot. Some with TouchScreen.
Network Box, Network Appliance are mainly server's with dedicated function custom made.
Industrial Computer Motherboard are unique, offert longtime life and stable platform.

BookShelf Computer

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BookShelf, without papers?

The goal of the bookshelf computer as been define with the time to be a computer who take the minimum space and still operate like the big one. Some will tell us a laptop will do, this is wrong, you can make a bookshelf computer from a laptop but not with the same power. Industrial computer bookshelf provide the solution for real business applicaiton with less space, like automotive computing or very low power computer running of a car batterie and solar panel. Machine footprint is an important consideration, and every component has to contribute. It also needs to stand up to the difficult conditions commonly encountered on factory floors. IBT Technologies Inc., a ISO 9001-certified manufacturer of rugged, industrial computers and peripherals provides its bookshelf solution products to serve applications in which powerful solutions are being deployed in space-challenged designs around the world.


CMI100 Compact Cube Computer
IBT8101 Small Mini Itx with 2 slots and optical drive
IBT8102 Compact Mini iTx
IPP1300 All-In-One PanelPC Fanless computer with INTEL Atom


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