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Fanless Computer are computer without fan noise
Computer with a Small form factor and Low Air flow
Black Box Computer that do not look like a normal computer or specific shape
Panel-PC also call All-In-One, made to be Embedded, Suspended or on foot. Some with TouchScreen.
Network Box, Network Appliance are mainly server's with dedicated function custom made.
Industrial Computer Motherboard are unique, offert longtime life and stable platform.


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Panel PC?

Panel-pc willl be describe like a All-In-One computer or a display screen packed with a computer in the same box. That box could be IP65 complet or partial. Industrial PanelPC will add the ruggednest of embedded pc technology creating a complet computer for factory floors or public appliance. It also needs to stand up to the difficult conditions commonly encountered on factory floors or public areas. IBT Technologies Inc., a ISO 9001-certified manufacturer of rugged, industrial computers and peripherals provides many Industrial Grade All-in-One Computer Systems solutions products to serve that applications in which powerful solutions and customs are needed.

Industrial panel pc, All-in-One industrial computers, rugged embedded PC computer workstations available with optional touch screen technology and ideal for industrial HMI. Panel PCs are available in NEMA 4 or IP65 models. A variety of mechanical configurations can be chosen to customize your panel mount pc.


IPP13 - 13 Inch WallMount Panel PC with TouchScreen
IPP15 - 15 Inch Panel Pc with TouchScreen
IPP170- 17 Inch PanelPC with TouchScreen
IPP19 - 19 Inch PanelPC with TouchScreen
IPP1300 All-In-One PanelPC Fanless computer with INTEL Atom
IPP15 - 15 Inch Vesa Desktop Mount PanelPC with Touchscreen
IPP19 - 19 Inch Vesa Desktop Mount PanelPC with Touchscreen
IPP22 - 22 Inch Desktop or VESA mount TouchScreen
IPP22K - 22 Inch Piedestral TouchScreen or not,  IP65
IPP42K - 42 Inch Piedestral or Embedded Screen with ou without Touchscreen IP65
IPP42 and DS42
IPP42 - 42 Inch - VESA Wallmount, Stand or Hook TouchScreen All-in-one Display
IPP42 - 42 Inch - VESA Wallmount, Stand or Hook TouchScreen All-in-one Display

The IBT PanelPC are offering a variety of I/O connectivity such as Gigabit LAN, USB 2.0, Firewire, Serial ports, IDE, SATA, HDMI, DVI-I, Composite TV-Out and an HD Audio up to 7.1 port, wireless like 802.11g Wi-Fi optional or Bluetooths are some option you may like. For memory you can put up to 4 GB to start with, Storage like a built-in 2.5-in., high-shock, high temperature hard drive with up to 500GB for data or Disk-on-Chip maybe SSD(solid-state) type are possible including CF are availables. Many of the PanelPC could have the POS (Point of Sales) option this ilcludes Customers Display, Card reader and Microsoft Winodws P.O.S. version. All our production are white label on demand.


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